PlaneSense tests hangar fire system


PlaneSense fleet

PlaneSense tested an emergency fire extinguishing system in its 40,000 ft sq aircraft hangar on 22 August.

The test is done every five years, to comply with state and federal regulations, and, during it, non-toxic foam is rapidly fired out of ducts in the hangar ceiling to smother flames.

Ray Torres, vice president of flight operations, said: “Safety is our number one priority here at PlaneSense and Atlas Aircraft Center. From the passengers in our aircraft to the mechanics working on our fleet, we are committed to making sure they have the highest quality safety protocols in place to protect them.”

The hangar, in Portsmouth, NH, is used to service the entire PlaneSense fleet of nearly 40 aircraft, including the largest civilian fleet of PC-12 turboprops and its expanding jet programme

“We are proud to showcase this rarely-witnessed aspect of aviation safety, as well as the technology integrated within this state-of-the art facility. It’s just one example of the many safety systems we have in place for everyone’s protection,” added Torres.

The foam system operated as expected during the test, which was considered a complete success. Roughly 25 gallons of foam mixture was used, creating about 10 feet of soap bubbles throughout the hangar.

PlaneSense released a short video, which you can see below.