PlaneSense adds third Nextant 400XTi


PlaneSense fleet

PlaneSense has taken delivery of their third Nextant 400XTi business aircraft.

Jay Heublein, Executive Vice President for Nextant Aerospace said: “It has been just over a year since our companies announced the initial order and today we are pleased to take one more step forward with the delivery of the third 400XTi to PlaneSense.”

“The enhanced performance of the 400XTi opens up city pairs that were previously not possible with a light jet product.  This added performance combined with the custom features of the PlaneSense 400XTi cabin, has proven to be a great combination,” added Heublein.

The PlaneSense program is the third largest fractional program manager in the United States.

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George Antoniadis, president and CEO of PlaneSense said: “The Nextant 400XTi gives us aircraft diversity so we can fit the right plane to the right mission. The efficiency of a turboprop for shorter haul operations and short and unimproved fields, and the speed of the jet for longer trips, allows options for our clients to choose which aircraft best suits their trips.”

PlaneSense placed an order for five Nextant 400XTi aircraft in March of 2015 and this delivery represents the third overall and second delivery in 2016.

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