PiperJet Altaire at Oshkosh


Fabrication and assembly will begin next month of first conforming flight test aircraft

PiperJet AltairePiper
Aircraft has started fabrication and assembly will begin in August of the first
conforming flight test airframe of the company’s new and single engine Altaire
business jet. Inaugural flight of the conforming PiperJet Altaire will be in
2012 with certification and deliveries in 2014.

Altaire is pioneering the single-engine business jet, just like the Piper
Meridian and other single-engine turboprops have proven in rigorous worldwide
use that the fundamental efficiencies and safety of centerline thrust aircraft
deliver the greatest value to owners and operators,” said Piper president and
chief executive officer Geoffrey Berger.

advantage that Piper has over other manufacturers with an interest in a
single-engine jet is a solid underlying commitment by Imprimis, the owner of
the company, to appropriately fund the program and see it through to successful
completion,” Berger says.

company is in the midst of a $5.6 million program in building improvements to
ready facilities at its Vero Beach,
Florida manufacturing and
headquarters campus for necessary production, final assembly, completion and
deliveries. Recently it named Altaire chief of production Michael Dow to
oversee the manufacturing of the business jet.

Piper Aircraft have a mock up tour planned in
various locations around the US,
including the NBAA in Las Vegas.