Piper showcase single engine business aircraft and Altaire jet mock up


Company is showing all M-class turboprops and PiperJet Altaire mock-up at the Convention Center static display

Aircraft is exhibiting its single-engine business aircraft product line and a
mockup of its new Altaire business jet at the NBAA from 10-12 October 2011. 

will exhibit its M-Class business aircraft at a special outdoor static display
area near the indoor exhibits at the Las
Vegas Convention Center.
The single-engine M-Class lineup includes the turboprop Meridian and piston-powered Mirage and

addition, inside the convention center, the company is displaying a mockup of
the Altaire single-engine business jet that has been on an extensive North
American tour. 

timing is perfect to show Piper’s range of efficient single-engine business
aircraft at NBAA this year, including our turboprop and jet aircraft,”
said Piper executive vice president Randy Groom. 

at how single-engine turboprops have evolved in the business aircraft market, a
cabin-class single engine corporate jet is the next logical step. Reliable
turbine-powered business aircraft like the Piper Meridian have already paved
the way,” said Groom. 

Altaire business jet will build on that legacy, while adding jet speed and
overall performance. In my view, the corporate market appears to be primed and
ready for the value proposition the single-engine jet has to offer. In
addition, with the deadline looming for expiration of bonus depreciation tax
incentives, we are looking forward to the last few months of 2011.” 

Aircraft is making the transition from any new aircraft in its M-Class lineup,
the Meridian,
Mirage and Matrix to the new PiperJet Altaire attractive to company loyalists.
Piper created the Altaire Advance program to make it easier for customers to
move up to the Altaire business jet from any new single-engine M-Class
aircraft. Under Altaire Advance, Piper discounts the purchase price of the
Altaire business jet.

is a limited time to put an order down for an Altaire business jet with a
reduced price for delivery in a couple years and at the same time take
advantage of accelerated depreciation on one of the Piper M-Class aircraft you
can fly in the meantime,” Groom said. 

new single-engine turboprop Meridian buyers,
Piper offers $100,000 off the base purchase price of the Altaire. Buyers of new
pressurized single-engine piston Mirages get $50,000 off the price of a new
Altaire, while buyers of un-pressurised single-engine piston Matrixes can
receive a $25,000 discount. Piper escrows the initial deposit until first
flight. Subsequent deposits are tied to first flight of the conforming flight
test article and nine months prior to first delivery or type certification.

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