Pilatus Introduces PC-24 Super Versatile Jet Video Tour


30 July 2021 – As a way to allow more people to experience the unique qualities and capabilities of its flagship PC-24, Pilatus launches a video series for a detailed personal aircraft tour by company experts for experts. The videos will be published on the Pilatus YouTube channel on a weekly basis.

With pandemic travel restrictions limiting attendance at business aviation trade shows, Pilatus is using social media technology to bring the Super Versatile Jet to individuals around the world. Beginning today, Pilatus kicks off a three-part video series giving prospective PC-24 customers and enthusiasts an expert-guided tour of the Super Versatile Jet.

Watch on Pilatus Youtube Channel

In this first instalment of the PC-24 interactive tour, hosted on the Pilatus YouTube channel, viewers are given a detailed walk-around of the aircraft by company test pilot Matthew “Fish“ Hartkop. He explains all unique features and benefits of the PC-24’s design, systems, and performance capabilities.

In the second segment, to be released on 6 August, the test pilot takes viewers into the cockpit of the PC-24, providing an in-depth introduction to the Advanced Cockpit Environment – ACE, focusing on the technologies, performance and flying qualities of interest to pilots and flight department managers.

The final segment takes viewers into the passenger cabin of the PC-24. This video to be released on 13 August is hosted by Marta Esquer Cerezo, Project Manager for Pilatus, and highlights the cabin’s comfort and size, flat floor, cargo area, and ease seating layout reconfiguration. Cerezo also explains the benefits of the PC-24’s forward lavatory, which is a new concept to many operators of traditional business jets.

Markus Bucher, CEO from Pilatus, stated: “Interest in seeing the PC-24 first-hand has been tremendous, and we wish we could host everyone personally here at the factory in Switzerland. Until we get that opportunity, this video tour is the next best alternative. With Fish and Marta as your tour guides, you are hearing the PC-24 story from the experts who actually designed, built, tested and produced this incredible machine. We hope you enjoy the tour, and I encourage you to contact an Authorised Pilatus Sales Center to arrange a personal showing in the near future.”

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