PhostrEx fire suppression certified on Eclipse Jet


FAA certify fire suppression which should be available in August 2011

Eclipse JetEclipse Aerospace has received FAA certification and approval for the newly redesigned canister to be used with the PhostrEx fire suppression system on the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. The new canister, an all-welded design, stores contents at a lower pressure, resolving leakage problems experienced by the original design. The improved PhostrEx canister was extensively tested and met all design specifications.

“The environmentally friendly PhostrEx system is nothing short of remarkable. With its low weight, low cost, and maintenance-free design, PhostrEx will quickly become the Halon alternative of choice not only for aviation but for many other industry applications” stated Mason Holland, chief executive officer and chairman of Eclipse Aerospace.

Eclipse Aerospace has placed a production order for the new canisters, which are expected to be available for purchase at the beginning of August 2011.