Philippine Air Force orders Gulfstream G280

Philippine Air Force orders Gulfstream G280

The Philippine Air Force has placed and order with Gulfstream for a G280, which the manufacturer says will be used in a command-and-control role.

It is believed that the G280 will operate for the 250th presidential airlift wing, based in Pasay City, Greater Manila.

The aircraft will likely be outfitted with extensive communications equipment, although it is currently unclear if it will be outfitted for use in a full surveillance and intelligence role.

“The G280’s unmatched performance combined with the backup of our world-renowned Customer Support makes it an agile and reliable platform for the Philippine Air Force,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “With more than 70 speed records and the ability to operate at steep-approach airports, the G280 can perform a variety of challenging missions.”

According to a December 2018 article on Filipino news website, former air force chief Lt. General Galileo Gerard Kintanar said in his outgoing speech that the air force would take delivery of two control-and-command aircraft in 2019.

The government has been using aircraft from Philippine Airlines for overseas travel, although it does operate an ageing Fokker F-27 turboprop, as well as an equally ageing Fokker F-28 jet aircraft. Both Fokker aircraft were previously operated by Philippine Airlines.

It is believed that the other control-and-command aircraft will be a CASA C-295M turboprop.

A US Department of Defence (DOD) contract notice dated 17 September, states that Gulfstream had won an order from the Philippine Air Force for the supply of one aircraft, parts and two-year logistic support. The DOD notice stated that the total contract value is $31,899,999. The current list price for a G280 is $24,500,000.

Gulfstream says that the aircraft is scheduled for delivery in 2020, following configuration for command-and-control missions.

The DOD notice states that the contract is due to be completed by the end of May 2022.

The contract includes two years of logistical support, inferring that the G280 will be delivered before the end of May 2020.