Phenom 100 Jet gains new airborne awareness systems


Phenom 100 gains TCAS II and TAWS A avionics

Embraer has certified a new Traffic Alert and Collision
Avoidance System (TCAS) and a Traffic Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) for
its entry level Phenom 100 executive jet. These systems are now standard
options for Phenom 100 customers. TCAS II will be supplied by Aviation
Communications and Surveillance Systems (ACSS), and TAWS A by Garmin.

TCAS is an airborne system that operates independently from
ground-based Air Traffic Control (ATC). It was designed to increase cockpit
awareness of approaching aircraft, and to serve as a “last line of defense” to
prevent mid-air collisions. TCAS I was developed to accommodate the needs of
the general aviation community and regional airlines. This system issues
Traffic Advisories (TA) to assist pilots in the visual acquisition of intruder
aircraft. TCAS II is a more sophisticated system that provides all of the
information of TCAS I, analyzes the projected flight path of approaching
aircraft, and issues Resolution Advisories (RA) to the pilot to resolve
potential mid-air collisions.

TAWS aims to prevent Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
accidents and displays terrain and obstructions relative to the altitude of the
airplane. TAWS A is an enhancement to the TAWS B, which was originally
available to Phenom 100 customers. TAWS A includes all of the requirements of
TAWS B, and adds three alerts – closure rate to terrain, flight into terrain
(when not in landing configuration), and downward deviation from an ILS
(Instrument Landing System) glide slope – increasing flight safety for aircraft