Parker and Piaggio tests well ahead for new brakes for Avanti aircraft


Piaggio P180 Avanti (credit Paul Cordwell)

The Parker Aerospace Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division and Piaggio Aerospace have given further details of the programme offering owners and operators of the P.180 Avanti, Avanti II and Avanti EVO the opportunity to select an alternative retrofit configuration for the wheels and brakes of their aircraft.

The programme was designed last year as a mutual commitment to provide continuous quality and substantial economic value over the product’s life.

The companies recently completed a number of critical tests, while the final wheel load tests are scheduled for completion this month. Preliminary physical fit and static functional checks have been conducted on both configurations of landing gear of the Avanti and Avanti EVO.

On-runway braking tests will take place next year, with final approval and release of the product expected in the course of 2018.

Tom Dorinsky, Aircraft Wheel & Brake Business team leader, said: “The customised Parker steel brake was designed to offer the lowest possible operating costs while still providing unsurpassed quality. The conversion kit will be offered at a very competitive price and will achieve a competitive cost per landing. The programme will ensure a significant reduction in overhaul costs, projected to be as much as 70%, offered under a dedicated Piaggio Aerospace exchange programme.”

Aircraft Wheel & Brake general manager Jim Stephens added: “All design efforts were performed with the goal of substantially reducing the operator’s costs. We are proud to be part of the team partnering with Piaggio Aerospace to make this cost reduction a reality.”

Renato Vaghi, CEO at Piaggio Aerospace, said: “A partnership with an international and innovative manufacturer such as Parker responds to our positioning plans for our Avanti P.180 at a global level and will meet our customers’ demands in a highly competitive industry, in particular in the US, which represents a strategic market for us.”