Paragon Aviation Group launches Safety Program with FBO Partners



Cypress, Texas – Paragon Aviation Group, an elite group of carefully vetted FBOs that provide a five‐ star experience for general aviation travellers across the world, has selected aviation consultancy FBO Partners’ Online Safety Officer (OSO) Program to spearhead their safety initiative.

Under the agreement, FBO Partners, which provides business management advisory services to Fixed Base Operations (FBOs), provides participating Paragon FBO locations consistent, industry leading safety communication, promotion and training, along with oversight of Paragon’s network wide safety principles.

Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group says, “As an elite group of the best FBOs in the world, safety is far more than a buzz word for a Paragon member FBO. The Paragon Network’s  emphasis on safety is an investment in our members’ success, and the consistent, safe handling of customers and their assets when visiting a Paragon FBO location. As our network continues to grow, we’re pleased to have partnered with FBO Partners as the launch customer for their Online Safety Officer Program.”

“The safety initiative by Paragon Aviation Group cements our leadership in advancing safety within the FBO industry and offering a complete solution for like‐minded FBOs to compete on a level playing field with national or regional chains,” adds Barnes.

FBO Partner’s monthly subscription‐based safety program, which meets several IS-BAH and SMS requirements, offers subscriber FBOs a complete framework for an effective, consistent safety promotion and communication program regardless of the FBO’s size, staffing level or stage of SMS.

FBO Partners Senior Associate Patrick Moylan, who leads the Online Safety Officer Program initiative, notes “The OSO program is unlike anything in the industry today. Often, the biggest barrier to creating a strong safety culture is consistent communication and promotion. For most FBOs that barrier is in the form of time, which OSO gives back to its subscribers by providing a complete, turn-key solution to those challenges.”

Moylan, who joined FBO Partners in 2019, is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), IS‐BAH Auditor, and OSHA Trainer.