OrientSKY partners-up for Asian expansion


OrientSKY has had a busy month, with the announcement of new partnerships with both Global Jet Sales, a US aircraft broker, and Beijng Airlines (formerly Air China Business Jet).

OrientSKY, a private jet charter company headquartered in Bangkok, took two significant steps towards expanding its influence in Asia this month by announcing new partnerships with both Global Jet Sales, a US aircraft broker, and Beijng Airlines (formerly Air China Business Jet).

“We are not the type of organisation to enter into something like this lightly,” said Trevor Merszei, chief operating officer, keen to stress that the two announcements – less than a week apart – had more to do with the timing of the company’s press releases than impulsiveness.

“Charter is often the first step towards ownership and we have already been handling acquisitions for a number of our clients,” says Merszei, when pressed on his decision to move into the aircraft sales business.

Merszei describes his relationship with Global Jet Sales as a “collaboration,” with OrientSKY helping the US company to better serve the growing Asian market, whilst Merszei gets to fulfil his ambition of running an aircraft brokerage.

“I have always wanted to start a brokerage in Asia. They have taken me under their wing and mentored me in the business,” he says. “I get the benefit of all their research and will contribute my own research in Asia.”

Based in Florida, Global Jet Sales’ current aircraft inventory includes four Gulfstream business jets and a Bombardier Global 5000, which, as recent reports have shown, are popular aircraft in Asia – and particularly in China – along with much larger, longer-ranged models.

“I think [the Asian market] is very, very robust,” says Merszei. “Lately, a huge section of the demand has been for the ultra-long range aircraft. It is not a very mature market where you are seeing demand for the little jets, but it is only a matter of time before that happens. ”

Despite forging a partnership with an American company, business will remain very Asian-orientated for OrientSKY. “Asia is going to be my primary focus. We are not going to interfere with each other’s markets, but we will collaborate,” says Merszei. “The fact that we are based in Thailand does not necessarily mean that our business is based here. Most of the business is in China and Singapore and all over the region.”

“That said, the market in Thailand is growing fast,” he adds.