Operators sign up for Wyvern Wingman audit


26 operators sign up for safety audit certificate in September and October

aviation safety consultancy, Wyvern of Trenton, New Jersey, announced that it
has brought in 26 new and returning operators for audits in the months of
September and October. If successful these 26 operations companies will enter
the ranks of the Wyvern Wingmen, a group of operators from around
the world that have achieved and maintained compliance to the strict Wyvern

“For us Wyvern has always been the prevailing standard for operators.” Says
Matthew Winer president of Executive Air Services, “A lot of our clients know Wyvern
by name and for many prospective clients and Fortune 100 companies we need to
get Wingman status in order to be considered to provide lift. Becoming a
Wingman opens the door to great new business opportunities.”

The Wyvern Wingman certification is the foundation of Wyvern’s new operator
safety programme. The 20-year old company recently reconfigured their entire
portfolio of safety programs to simplify the sourcing process for buyers
looking to fly in the safest aircraft available. The basis of the Wyvern
Wingman program is a thorough audit of a company’s aircraft and facilities, but
the program doesn’t end with the audit.

“Post-audit an operator is required to keep up with particular reporting
requirements. Operator, aircraft and crew background checks happen 24/7 in the
Wyvern database,” explains Wyvern managing director, Brent Moldowan. “This
ensures that The Wyvern Audit is valid through the term of the recommendation
and that it is more than just a snapshot of what the audit team saw while they
were on site with the charter operator”

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