One Minute Month: Business jet market January 2016


After a relatively disappointing 2015, all eyes are on the first month of 2016 to see if the drop off in European and US flight activity continues.

  • Argus: US Flights up 3.0% between January 2015 and January 2016, but down -1.5% when compared to December 2015.
  • WINGX: European flights down -4.5% from January 2015.
  • WINGX – Substantial drop in activity, especially in leading Western European markets

    There were big declines in European flight in January 2016 when compared to Jan 2015.

    Bad news: Drop off in flights to and from Europe’s biggest markets: Paris down -12.4%, Geneva down -7.7%, London down -4.8%.

    Good news: There was little good news during the month, however Amsterdam was up 16.2% and Nice up 13.4%.

    “Big declines in London, Paris, Geneva. Some scattered growth, especially Nice.” – WINGX Advance.

    Argus TRAKPaq – January 2016 rings in the New Year with a sharp climb, up 3.0% from 2015

    Bad news: Fractional down -5.8%, Part 135 down -2.1%, mid-size down 2.0% and small cabin down -1.7% versus December 2015.

    Good news: Large cabin movements up by 4.7% over December 2015, Part 91 up 4.0% and Part 135 up 2.5% over January 2015.

    “Reviewing year over year flight activity (January 2016 vs. January 2015); TRAQPak data indicates that January 2016 posted an increase of 3.0%, marking the 11th straight year over year increase. The results by operational category saw continued significant increases in the Part 91 market, which posted an increase of 4.0% overall.” – Argus TRAKPaq

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