OnAir and TriaGnoSys launch inflight conectivity for executive jets


Companies working together to provide lightweight inflight solution

On Air Mobile PhoneOnAir and TriaGnoSys recently launched a lightweight and
complete turnkey solution for business jets.

OnAir is the telecoms services provider, with TriaGnoSys
providing the hardware and software elements for both the aircraft and the
ground. The airborne equipment consists of two small, lightweight units that
connect to the aircraft’s existing satellite communications system.

Ian Dawkins, chief executive officer of OnAir, said, “Given
how much business people use their mobile phones, it isn’t surprising they want
stay in touch when they are flying, and that is particularly true of business
and VIP passengers. We are therefore making it very simple for operators of
business jets to provide inflight connectivity services. It is also very simple
for passengers: just make a call, send a text message or look at email as you
do on the ground.”

Axel Jahn, managing director
of TriaGnoSys, said, “Not only is the airborne equipment the lightest ever
designed for business jets to support such comprehensive services, it is also
straightforward to install. The components are simply connected by Ethernet to
the satellite link. They do not require specific cooling and their small size
and weight means they do not impinge on cabin space.”