On Air Dining bounces back at Farnborough and Stansted


On Air Dining van

Stansted, Essex – 7 September 2020 – While remaining open during the COVID-19 lockdown, On Air Dining’s focus on investment and efficiency has led to July and August revenues being 45% ahead of projections and trending higher than the London private aviation recovery rate.

At a time when survival required bold decisions On Air Dining CEO Daniel Hulme chose a difficult but ultimately rewarding path. To remain operational during the lockdown period to properly support customers flying through the pandemic, meant tough choices, hard work and a will to win. With a majority of private aviation caterers closed for business during lockdown, Daniel’s decision has proved to be a bold and successful one as customers old and new have flocked back to On Air Dining’s industry leading quality and service as business aviation continues to lead the post COVID lockdown recovery. On Air Dining has maintained 40% revenue from newly acquired customers, despite their competition reopening in July.

Taking advantage of the slowdown in movements to make improvements across both sites is now proving invaluable. Both Stansted and Farnborough facilities were streamlined for efficiency to better service last minute requests. Farnborough airport maintained its position as one of the busiest airports in the London areaand so it was necessary to hire additional staff at the Farnborough unit to meet current demand and future growth despite other caterers laying people off and closing facilities.

Daniel Hulme, CEO of On Air Dining said: “It was important to me that we remain open during lockdown to continue to support our customers and crews in their effort to get passengers and supplies safely to their destination. It was most certainly a risk, but it has paid off in customer goodwill and of course increase in market share. I’m incredibly proud of our success in such a competitive market and feel we are better positioned for growth in the post-recovery market.”

“The Team’s dedication to safety, service, and continual improvement was key.” added Hulme.

Daniel remains excited but tight lipped about further new developments.