NovaJet Aviation Group achieves IS-BAO Stage 3 accreditation and maintains ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating


NovaJet Challenger 605

Toronto, February 27, 2020 – NovaJet Aviation Group, headquartered at Toronto Pearson International Airport, has been awarded The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) Stage 3 accreditation for achieving the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

In addition to progressing to the most advanced level for IS-BAO; widely considered the gold standard for business aviation around the world, NovaJet Aviation Group continues to maintain an ARG/US Platinum Safety Registration. To hold two milestones from the primary certification systems is very rare in an industry that demands the highest safety standards.

Greg Young, Vice President & Director of Flight Operations, commented, “We are proud of this recognition, and are committed to maintaining these accreditations through total compliance, transparency and teamwork. We integrate safety into every aspect of our corporate culture and rigorously communicate the value of safety to our employees and customers.”

IS-BAO builds upon and promotes the highest professional operational standards 

The IS-BAO is an industry code of best practices designed for the global aviation community to enhance operational safety. NovaJet Aviation Group actively participates in setting the benchmark for safety and efficiency to promote high quality operating practices raising the confidence of regulators and our public stakeholders.

IS-BAO Stage 3 is the most advanced level and is only awarded when safety management systems have become a fully engrained aspect of a company’s culture, and when a positive culture of safety management has been sustained over time.

In order to become and maintain IS-BAO certification, an operator must undergo regular audits every two to three years. While the audits are not required, taking part in this process is the cornerstone to adhering to the strict, global safety guidelines and shows a commitment to excellence. A lengthy list of aviation operations and maintenance practices are subject to deep scrutiny, covering everything from: Organization and Personnel, Training and Proficiency, Flight Operations, Maintenance Requirements and Environmental Management.

NovaJet Aviation Group has maintained the highest ARG/US Safety Accreditation since 2011

NovaJet Aviation Group has once again achieved an AR/GUS Platinum Safety rating, the highest possible rating available. The ARG/US Rating is well known worldwide as a standard of excellence.  Private jet charter passengers can feel confident knowing that their safety is the aircraft operator’s top priority.

NovaJet Aviation Group is proud to have a cohesive and energetic team relentlessly focused on quality processes and operations, and our commitment to this process is indicative of our dedication and passion to maintaining a safe and professional operation.