North Philadelphia Jet Centre brands with Avfuel


Avfuel signs North Philadelphi Jet Center to offer contract fuel, AVTRIP and more

North Philadelphia
Jet Center has announced that it has joined the network of
Avfuel branded locations.

In addition to services such as fuel, ground
support, transportation, overnight hangar rentals and tie-downs, North Philadelphia
Jet Center
has amenities including a pilot’s lounge, pool table, a rooftop hot tub and
patio area as well as snooze rooms, showers, and kitchen facilities.

North Philadelphia Jet Center doesn’t stop
at providing outstanding services for pilots, general manager Kurt Gasper
stresses that passengers are accommodated in first-class style as well, stating
that “If the passengers don’t have a problem, then the pilots don’t have a

“Avfuel is very excited to partner with
North Philadelphia Jet
Center and add our
offerings such as AVTRIP and Avfuel Contract Fuel to the array of services that
they already provide,” said Avfuel director of marketing Marci Ammerman.