Nomad Technics completes first A-checks on an Airbus A319ACJ and installs ADS-B out system


Nomad Technics

Basel, 22 June 2020 – Nomad Technics has performed its first A-checks on an Airbus A319ACJ. The work included combined A-checks -A1 (6months), A2 (12 months) and A4 (24 months)-as well as work required by service bulletins and due tasks within reduced maintenance ground time. In addition the ADS-B out system was installed before the mandate coming into effect on 7th June 2020 although the date for ADS-B installation has now been moved back to 7th June 2023 under certain preconditions.

The maintenance event included also the cleaning and disinfection of the cabin and the flight deck.

“We are excited that we have successfully completed A-checks on an Airbus A319ACJ aircraft,” says Christian Sacker, Director Quality, Safety & Compliance at Nomad Technics.

“Being able to offer this work opens up new markets for Nomad Technics. We are looking forward to welcoming owners and operators of EASA, Aruba, Cayman Islands and Isle of Man registered Airbus A320 family aircraft at our Basel/Switzerland facility,” adds Roman Hug, VP/General Manager of Nomad Technics.