Nike’s latest G550 emerges from paintshop


Nike’s new G550 N3546 at Long Beach, California (Photo: Michael Carter)

Nike’s latest Gulfstream G550 has broken cover at Long Beach Airport.

Registered as N3546 / MSN 5421, the aircraft was originally built and delivered in 2013 to Nissan North America as N155AN.

Nissan operated the aircraft until May 2016, when it was replaced by Gulfstream G650 MSN 6187. The G650 took up N155AN on delivery, and the G550 was re-registered as N421GD.

Gulfstream then listed 5421 for sale on their pre-owned aircraft sales website for $38,250,000.

As of July 9 2016 the aircraft had performed 322 landings and and flown for 1,309 hours.

The new N3546 replaces 2002-build Gulfstream V MSN 672, which is now operated by NASA as N95NA.

Nike is well known for choosing aircraft registrations that are somehow connected to the company.

The company’s main aircraft is a Gulfstream G650 registered as N1KE.

With the G550’s registration you’ll need to look at a telephone keypad. Type out 3546 it spells Nike backwards.