Nic Imrie and Emily Williams launch I&W Aviation


Nic Imrie and Emily Williams, two former senior NetJets Europe executives, have launched I & W Aviation, a new consultancy.

Both held various positions at NetJets Europe for more than 22 years between them. Williams sat on the main European board as sales director and Imrie drove sales and led customer management in the largest European territory.

“After more than 20 years in the private aviation industry, many of our clients sought us out looking for friendly advice on their flying. What started as a hobby has delivered overwhelmingly positive feedback and developed into a full time business,” says Williams. “It made sense for us to work together.”

The pair have created models that allow customers to choose which is the most efficient way to fly. Clients pay an annual fee and they do not take any commissions.

“There’s more choice and more confusion than ever in the private aviation market. More and more companies offer fractional programmes, jet cards and block charter agreements.  Bedroom brokers pop up and vanish every day. It seems everyone is an innovator and manufacturers announce a new aircraft every week. As soon you decide on something; it’s old news. Fierce price competition should mean the customer is king but instead most are confused with poor information and unable to make sense of it all,” says Imrie. “We want to make flying privately simple, helping clients understand the entire marketplace and leverage it to their benefit.”

As well as advising clients, they are also advising private aviation companies and others targeting HNWI on sales and marketing strategy.
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