Nextant awarded several STCs for 400XT


Nextant also received additional STCs for avionics options, many of which should help with final certification of the 400XT by EASA

Nextant 400XTNextant Aerospace has announced
that it has been awarded several new supplemental type certificates (STCs) for
the 400XT.  In addition to certifying an in-flight entertainment system,
Nextant also received STCs for additional avionics options, many of which help
to pave the way for final certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency

“We are proud to attain these coveted Supplemental Type Certificates, which
bring us another step closer to final EASA certification,” said Jay Heublein,
vice president, sales and marketing for Nextant Aerospace. “Because of its
extended range, the 400XT is well-suited for European operation, and that
market in particular has responded extremely well, with several of our earlier
orders coming from both Western and Eastern Europe.”

The STCs cover several major operational areas, including the Class “A” Terrain
Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS) system and the Wide Area Augmentation
System (WAAS)/Localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) navigational

Nextant was also awarded STCs for the in-flight entertainment options offered
within the 400XT’s completely remanufactured cabin.  They include the
Rockwell Collins Venue in-flight entertainment system and the Aircell AxxessTM
cabin communication system that features high speed wireless internet
connectivity and dual channel satellite phone service. 

“Not only have we created an entirely new category of business jet with more
range, speed and greater cost-effectiveness, at half the cost of comparable
planes,” Heublein added. “We also have created an aircraft that provides
customers with constant connectivity, be it in the air while using the 400XT’s
high-speed wireless Internet service or face-to-face upon touchdown.”

The 400XT is considered to be a new type in the Aircraft Bluebook. Further
options include additional avionics features, and an optional seating
configuration that allows for the most leg room of any light jet in production
without sacrificing seating capacity.

Beechcraft Sales and Service GmbH (Beechcraft Augsburg) serves as Nextant’s
maintenance hub in Europe, offering a full
range of factory-approved services for the growing number of European 400XT
owners and operators.