Nextant upgrades 604XT


Nextant Aerospace has introduced a second phase of its Bombardier Challenger 604 improvement programme.

The company first introduced a Pro Line Fusion cockpit upgrade in cooperation with Rockwell Collins earlier in 2017.

The newly introduced upgrade includes performance enhancements, as well as a completely redesigned cabin.

“Since launching the 604 Fusion™ cockpit program at EBACE in conjunction with Rockwell Collins and Bombardier, the overall response to the Challenger programme has been exceptional,” said Jay Heublein, executive VP for Nextant Aerospace.

Nextant will improve the range of the aircraft by 500nm through a wing extension programme, which also helps to significantly reduce drag.

“With a large portion of the certification effort related to the cockpit behind us, we will embark on phase II of our overall solution for this airframe, which will target a 500 nautical mile range increase combined with a radically new cabin design concept that takes advantage of the latest in interior design trends and advanced connectivity technology.” said Heublein.