Nextant names JetHQ as sales agent in the Middle East


Garett Jerde, managing director of JetHQ

Nextant Aerospace has announced that JetHQ based in Dubai, UAE has been named as an exclusive sales agent for Nextant aircraft in the Middle East.

JetHQ and its Dubai-based managing director Garett Jerde will be responsible for Nextant’s sales, marketing, and customer service strategy in the region and will focus on Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey and Lebanon.

The company has previously provide sales support for a range of aircraft manufacturers, including Beechcraft, Hawker, Bombardier and Gulfstream.

“I am excited to be part of the global Nextant team,” said Jerde. “Both the 400XTi and the G90XT are great aircraft for the Middle Eastern market. They deliver unmatched performance, versatility and reliability at half the price of the competition. The aircraft are also excellent platforms for Special Missions applications including air ambulance, freight, training, surveillance, and high-density seating and cloud seeding.”

Jay Heublein, Nextant’s executive vice president for global sales and marketing, said: “We see the Middle East as a region with great potential. Following the economic challenges of past years, there is an increased focus on value in business aviation. Local economies are rebounding, both corporate and individual wealth are on the rise and there is demonstrated demand for special missions aircraft.”