Nextant appoints James Immke as VP of Quality and Safety


Immke joined Nextant in 2010 as the Director of Quality Assurance.

James ImmkeImmke joined Nextant in 2010 as the Director of Quality Assurance. Immke has over 20 years of quality and safety experience in highly regulated industries, including Aerospace and Defense.

“Since joining Nextant in 2010, James Immke has been a constant champion of product safety, quality and process improvement,” says Sean McGeough, president of Nextant Aerospace.

McGeough continued “He is recognised as a forward-thinking leader and we believe that his breadth of experience will help us to maintain and improve quality standards throughout the entire remanufacturing process. Our rapidly expanding business demands that we have the systems and controls in place to deliver squawk-free aircraft straight off the production line.”

In his new role, Immke will focus on strategic quality, safety and reliability improvements. He will partner with global civil aviation authorities to ensure that Nextant continues to successfully deliver the highest quality product in a demanding global market.

“The 400Xti was engineered with industry-eading dispatch reliability and I look forward to making sure that promise is realised in every aircraft we build,” said James Immke.

“We will continue to refine our remanufacturing processes to improve quality, safety and work flow – all of which will deliver value to our customers and their bottom lines,” Immke concluded.