Nextant G90XT to exhibit at Oshkosh 2015


Nextant Aerospace (a Directional Aviation Capital company) will introduce its G90XT twin turboprop at this year’s EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, WI.

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Sean McGeough, president and CEO of Nextant said: “The G90XT program is on track to complete FAA certification this summer. This accomplishment highlights the core competencies of Nextant. We’ve proven that we have a unique ability to design aircraft that offer both cutting edge technology and exceptional value propositions. In addition to creating great products, we’ve also established a collaborative infrastructure that extends from our employee base to all of our vendor partners, which allows us to certify aircraft efficiently and in comparatively short periods of time.”

“The G90XT program is on track to complete FAA certification this summer.”

McGeough is enthusiastic about Nextant’s ongoing collaboration with GE. “This shared initiative enables us to offer an aircraft that’s superior to legacy models in safety, reliability, economy and performance. Now piston operators trading up and fleet managers looking for an improved bottom line have the answer they’ve been waiting for. It’s a formula we created with the 400XTi and will now repeat with the G90XT.” McGeough elaborates, “As a pilot, I’m particularly excited about this aircraft. From the beginning, our design criteria has focused on safe and effective single pilot operations. The Regent integrated flight deck will be the first to feature digitally controlled single-lever power management technology, which will not only reduce pilot workload, but also offers complete exceedance protection for the GE engine.”

“With the G90XT, we created the best performing and best equipped aircraft in its category.”

Meanwhile, Nextant is taking the collaborative nature of their corporate culture in another creative direction. McGeough explained: “With the G90XT, we created the best performing and best equipped aircraft in its category. Much of the design specification for this aircraft was based on hours of interviews with existing operators. We’re now going to take this process one step further and seek feedback regarding the final cabin design and layout. We believe that historically, manufacturing companies have failed to listen to the people that matter most in the design process-the flight crews and passengers that use the aircraft day in and day out. Oshkosh is a unique environment that brings together thousands of people that are passionate about aviation, and we want to hear from them. We’re inviting everyone who is interested to stop by and see the plane first hand; while they are there, they can share with us their ideas for the ultimate cabin experience! Our team will be on hand to take your suggestions.”

The H75-100 engines by GE create the foundation for the operating cost benefits of the G90XT.