New Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter receives FAA certificate


New five seat Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter receives certificate. Production and deliveries can now begin.

Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter has
received the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certificate.  The FAA presented the company with an amended
Production Certificate that now includes the R66, allowing Robinson to begin
deliveries of the new five seat aircraft.

Design began in 2001 on the R66 with
engineering beginning in 2005 when the company reached an agreement with engine
maker Roll-Royce to develop the RR300 turbine engine, a decision reached after
looking at other engine options. The Rolls-Royce RR300 turbine is a derivative
of the Rolls-Royce 250 engine model.

The concept of the R66 is the same that
launched the R22 in 1979 and the R44 in 1992: a helicopter designed to perform as
well or better than its competitors but for a lot less money.

Production is now underway and Robinson
expects to start deliveries of the R66 Turbine in November.
Robinson R66 Turbine