New IFE certificate for Phenom 300


Phenom 300 executive jet has new enhanced IFE

Embraer IFEEmbraer has received certification for the Phenom 300
premium in-flight cabin entertainment (IFE)
system. This version enhances the current IFE
option by adding 7″ (18-centimeter) individual seat monitors and an exclusively
designed cabin management system (CMS) installed in the VIP seat, which provides
passenger control of cabin functions, as well as the entertainment system.

The new CMS complements the Phenom 300’s IFE capabilities by
allowing passengers to control cabin lighting, temperature, and speaker volume,
as well as to select audio and video sources, like XM radio stations, flight
information data, and other digital media, all through a liquid crystal display
(LCD) screen interface.

In addition to the new CMS and the individual seat
monitors, this premium package also includes the Rosenview VX worldwide moving
map, region free DVD, XM radio, portable media player interface, wireless
headsets, and a 10.4″ (26.4-centimeter) ceiling-mounted fold-down monitor.