New Gulfstream G550 for GainJet


Greek VIP charter operator acquired a new Gulfstream G550 executive jet

GainJet G550 delivery ceremonyGainJet Aviation has
acquired a Gulfstream G550 executive jet, adding another aircraft to its long
range fleet.

With its latest acquisition
and the recent upgrade of its VIP Boeing 757, GainJet is expanding its heavy
jet and corporate airliner market presence. The G550 offers the longest flight
range capability available on the current executive market today, before the
highly anticipated release of the Gulfstream G650 later this year.

The aircraft cabin has been
designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for the passengers, even
while hosting the aircraft’s maximum capacity of 16.

GainJet chief executive
officer James McBride explains, “The acquisition of such a high performance and
versatile aircraft is a major advantage for GainJet, especially when
considering who our customers are and where in the world they wish to go. The
G550’s versatility and range, along with GainJet’s excellent VIP service, will
allow for a customised journey tailored to the specific passengers’ needs”.

GainJet’s fleet is based
throughout Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa
to provide maximum convenience for its main target markets. The initial home
base of the G550 being in Athens
comes as no surprise, since it can serve all three markets equally. McBride
elaborates, “We feel the G550 will be a popular aircraft in all three of our
markets, so we’ve chosen Athens
as a central home base location. This gives us good access to most major cities
in Europe, the Middle East and Africa”.

The G550 joins an already
impressive long range fleet consisting of a VIP Boeing 757 long range executive
airliner, a Bombardier Global Express XRS ultra-long range executive jet, and a
Gulfstream G450 long range executive jet, among others. GainJet is expecting
delivery of its Gulfstream G650 executive jet in 2013 and has other plans to
expand its long range fleet even further.

Photograph (left to right): Pete Buresh of Gulfstream
with GainJet maintenance manager, Stavros Arampatzis, accepting the delivery of
the G550 on behalf of GainJet
in Athens

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