New solution offers “clear view” for pilots


Pilots can gain a “clear, unimpeded view of their real-time situation” thanks to a new integrated data solution.

Business aviation connectivity provider Satcom Direct has joined forces with Foreflight, the creator of a flight planning and electronic flight bag app, to provide the solution for their customers.

And the companies say that, when their existing Satcom Direct Router and Foreflight Performance products are combined, customers can see where their aircraft is, track it on a moving map display, and receive real-time information such as time to destination and weather data.

Customers can now use the SDR as a GPS data source to show aircraft “ownership” positions on ForeFlight’s dynamic moving map display without needing additional GPS hardware. Passengers and crew can track their flight’s progress on their iPhone or iPad and see a range of information such as time and distance to destination and local time of arrival.

When ForeFlight is connected to the SDR’s WiFi internet, customers can also receive and display radar, icing, turbulence, winds aloft, and more than a dozen other types of weather information.

“Pilots rely on accurate, timely delivery of essential information to maintain secure operations. Integrating these solutions provides pilots with a clear, unimpeded view of their real-time situation,” said Jim Jensen, SD chairman and founder.

“ForeFlight and SD are committed to improving the aviator’s professional experience, and we anticipate that this development will be welcomed by business aviation pilots around the world.”

Tyson Weihs, co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight, added: “We are excited to work with Satcom Direct, and we look forward to future features that unlock more value from on-board connectivity.”