New FAA process holds up Citation Longitude certification


Citation Longitude

A new process put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that requires extra paperwork is being blamed by Cessna for the hold-up in certification of its new Citation Longitude business jet.

Textron, Cessna’s parent company, chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly, speaking during the company’s second-quarter investors call, said that Cessna had not anticipated the extra paperwork need for certification, as it had never had to submit so much before.

“…. this new process involves the creation of thousands of pages of documentation, which we just haven’t done in the past and it’s a result of the implementation of this new process and it’s just an enormous amount of work that we haven’t had on previous certifications that was a bit unplanned.” “Donnelly said.

Cessna had originally targeted certification and first customer deliveries of its new super-midsize jet before the end of the first half of 2018.

Donnelly now expects certification to be achieved within the next couple of months.

“It’s just a lot of paperwork. So, we are working our way through it. The FAA is working through it with us. You have to create all these things and review them and sign them off” he said.

Corporate Jet Investor had the chance to fly on the Citation Longitude earlier in the year. You can watch the video below, or click here to be taken directly to the video on YouTube.