Boeing 737 MAX conducts proving runs Rectrix Aerodrome Centre


Boeing 737 MAX at Sarasota

The Rectrix Aerodrome Centre at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport has hosted Boeing for test flights of their new 737 MAX aircraft. The aerodrome was the base for  proving runs for the aircraft in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Richard Cawley, chief executive of Rectrix, said: “Because of Rectrix’s presence at Sarasota, we are able to attract large scale corporations to the Bradenton and Sarasota communities, pumping millions of dollars into the local economy, and Boeing is a prime example.

“I met with Boeing representatives in February and showed them our large work spaces, our attention to detail and our safety record. This contributed in allowing approximately 60 Boeing employees and engineers to base their operations at Rectrix. Another advantage is that the airport’s runways are long, in very good shape, and seldom used by commercial air carriers. Simply put, Rectrix was perfect for Boeing.”