New aviation marketing firm to ‘unlock growth opportunities’


The new aviation consultancy Leading Edge Aviation Marketing aims to “unlock exciting growth opportunities”, according to its founder Nick Maynard.

Aviation industry veteran Maynard said: “Aviation companies risk missing out on recovery due to diminished in-house marketing resources and lack of affordable, specialist agency support.”

Leading Edge Aviation Marketing, which launched on September 3rd, plans to cater for brands that want to continue engaging customers despite the budget pressures caused by Covid-19. The global pandemic meant operators and MROs faced a promotional paradox. “Marketing is essential for engaging customers in times of crisis, yet is increasingly perceived by many companies as being too expensive,” said Maynard. “While aviation businesses of all sizes are opting to shed experienced marketers and scale back marketing initiatives to save costs, growth and even survival now depend on active, intelligent, sustained marketing more than ever.”

‘Intelligent, sustained marketing’

In times of crisis, the cost of full-time senior marketing resources can be increasingly difficult to justify, and traditional marketing agencies have neither the specialist expertise, nor the cost structure suitable to support these businesses, he acknowledged. “That’s why we wanted to approach things differently, by providing aviation companies with a straightforward and highly effective way of marketing that considers their specific budget or resource limitations.”

Leading Edge Aviation Marketing provides a range of services designed to help businesses identify, target, influence and retain core audiences, based on flexible engagement terms, it claims.

Strategy development

Clients can contract for what they need without commitment to long retainers or minimum budgets. Services include: marketing strategy development, loyalty schemes, content generation and campaign execution.

Maynard is backed by more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications for  companies including: British Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air, Royal Jet, Honeywell Aerospace, ACC Columbia Jet, JetSupport and ExecuJet MRO Services.

“This is a critical time for the aviation industry,” said Maynard. “There are also many new, exciting opportunities for growth that powerful marketing can help unlock. Yet, with a lack of affordable sector experience available from marketing agencies, the critical problem is simply how to access these growth pockets. That’s precisely what we have set up to help brands do.”

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Nick Maynard: “The critical problem is simply how to access these growth pockets.”