New app simplifies complex process of obtaining permits


The complex process of obtaining overflight and landing permits can now be done through an app, which has just been launched by PermitsGlobal.

The app, which PermitsGlobal says is an industry first, allows users to apply for, receive and manage flight permits, and keep up to date with general/special requirements and changes to the rules and regulations governing flight planning.

“Historically, trip planning for flight operators has not been easy,” said PermitsGlobal sales manager James Holland. “Obtaining overflight and landing permits is a challenge facing the best flight operator.”

The app, which was in development for two and a half years, is web-based and also available on iTunes. PermitsGlobal expects to have an Android version available by the end of this year.

Aircraft require permits to overfly the airspace of most countries and to land at most international airports. Slots and PPRs may also be needed at some European airports, and TSA waivers, APIS and TSP approval may be required in the US. As well as these general requirements, some countries also require aircraft to satisfy special requirements before they will issue permits.

“Special requirements vary from country to country and can vary depending on the purpose of the flight,” said Holland. “They can change daily and it is paramount that the flight operators, agents and third-party support companies always stay on top of all requirements, restrictions, rules and regulations.”

According to Holland, the app enables users to apply for permits with “a simple selection process” that reduces the time it takes to apply for a permit by 90%. It also has extra features such as flight routes, suggestions for overfly countries, record keeping, and the ability to share status updates on social media.

“Our app significantly reduces time,” he added. “It works for large international companies, it caters for small companies with minimum staff, and it works for individual aircraft owners anywhere in the world.

“It is the future experienced today – there is nothing like it.”