NetJets’ training plan: ‘Building block approach to safety philosophy’


Ground photography of the Cessna Citation Longitude with the new NetJets' paint scheme..Textron West Facility (ICT).Wichita KS USA

NetJets has announced an industry first, its fractional ownership operation now requires pilots to complete an FAA-backed advanced qualification programme (AQP). The announcement comes more than a decade after NetJets began creating operating manuals for its fleet, launching safety programmes and training under higher standards. Now, its AQP standards cement what the company has been aiming towards, Sean Kennedy, NetJets’ director of operations, told Corporate Jet Investor.

“We chose to take a building block approach to achieving this milestone. In 2008, NetJets began creating robust Aircraft Operating Manuals for all our fleets. Around the same time, we began training under the higher standards of Part 121 N&O instead of what was required under Part 135,” said Kennedy.

“Over the past 12 years, we have continued our investment in safety through the addition of an ASAP programme , FOQA programme , an Aircrew Designated Examiner programme and a more robust record-keeping system that supports the increased data analysis needs. Once all those efforts were implemented and refined, the step to AQP went rather quickly, in large part due to the support offered by the FAA, supporting our accomplishment of this milestone.”

Although participation is voluntary, NetJets predict AQP will set the standard for business aviation much like it has for commercial airlines. The company thanked its pilots, the pilots’ union and the FAA for enabling it to launch the AQP. Being an industry first, AQP has come to fruition through close step-by-step cooperation between NetJets and the FAA, according to the company.

Kennedy explained: “As the first 135/91K Air Carrier AQP approval, we were challenged with the randomness of our flight schedule, our random route structure and a host of other challenges unique to business aviation. Together, we worked through each challenge deliberately.”

Path now paved, NeJets said subsequent entrants into AQP should be able to “reap the benefits of enhanced safety and human factors without quite as much legwork”.

Meanwhile, read more about NetJets’ AQP programme here.