NetJets gets London City approval for Bombardier Global operations


NetJets is the world's leading fractional jet ownership company.

Fractional operator NetJets has gained approvals to operate its Bombardier Global aircraft from London City Airport.
NetJets is the world's leading fractional jet ownership company.

NetJets is the world’s leading fractional jet ownership company.

London City Airport has given the thumbs up to NetJets to fly its Bombardier Global family aircraft to and from the airport.

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The closest airport to London’s financial center, London City will require NetJets pilots to receive special training before using the airport due to the special nature of the approach path.

Final decent into the airport requires a approach path 5.5 degrees or higher, 2.5 degrees steeper than most other airports.

Additional training will cover strict noise abatement policies that surround the airport, and further weather training.

“NetJets is the first and only private aviation company to receive approval to operate its Signature Series Global aircraft in and out of a key airport in London,” said Jordan B. Hansell, chairman and CEO of NetJets. “We continue to offer our customers innovative, value-added differentiators that make NetJets stand out from its competitors. This is one more example of how we continue our leadership position by providing a unique service that no other private aviation company can offer at this time.”

Although NetJets hasn’t given a date that the Global operations will begin, the company is currently in the final stages of training all NetJets Global crew-members to use the airport.