NetJets Europe takes delivery of 100th US-built Phenom


NetJets has taken delivery of Embraer’s 100th US-built Phenom private jet.

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The NetJets signature series aircraft is the sixth Phenom 300 to be delivered to the US fractional operator’s European division, and is registered in Portugal as CS-PHF.

NetJets Europe has also taken delivery of a seventh Phenom 300, with the aircraft registered as CS-PHG.

“The Signature Series Phenom 300 has proven itself to be a success in meeting our expectations, and more importantly, the expectations of our customers,” said Chuck Suma, NetJets’ senior vice president of global asset management. “The Phenom 300 is the best-selling aircraft in our fleet, and as we accept delivery of our 40th jet, we look forward to continue to bring them into our fleet.”

The company is expecting the delivery of its first Bombardier Challenger 350 in the next few weeks, as the company continues to modernise its fleet.