NetJets considers options at NBAA 2018


There is nothing like a big fleet order to get the headlines. And when you do not have a big order, announcing options is the next best.

This morning NetJets announced that it has placed options on 175 super-midsize Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft and up to 150 Cessna Citation Hemisphere aircraft.

NetJets has the option to take its first deliveries of Citation Longitudes from the second half of 2019 to 2033. It says that it will work with Textron on the Hemisphere but has not given delivery dates.

The fact that these are options and not firm orders – and that they stretch out so far has raised some eyebrows with rival OEMs.

But NetJets is a very credible buyer, so gets an allowance. NetJets flies more hours a year than all the top 15 US Part 135 charter operators combined. NetJets has the purchasing power to build aircraft programmes – and operate rival aircraft. This will not be its last announcement of the show.

The other great things about options is that you can keep re-announcing them – when they become firm orders. So that is next year’s headline sorted as well.