NBAA welcomes new US Government report


Ed Bolen welcomes new report that highlights the value of business aircraft manufacture

NBAA president and chief
executive officer Ed Bolen has welcomed a new report, issued by the US
International Trade Commission (USITC), confirming the importance of business
aircraft manufacturing to America’s
industrial base, and the value of business aviation in making companies of all
sizes more efficient, productive and competitive.

The report is called Business Jet Aircraft Industry: Structures and Factors Affecting Competitiveness was requested by US House Representatives Mike
Pompeo and Lynn Jenkins. The two were joined in their request for the study by
Rep. Dave Camp, who chairs the House
Ways and Means Committee.

The study
comes eight months after Bolen testified at a USITC hearing to explore the
issues examined in the report.

Following the release of the
study Bolen said: “This new report underscores the fact that business
aviation is an essential industry, strengthening America’s manufacturing base,
fostering economic development and serving as an indispensible tool for
thousands of companies trying to operate in a fiercely competitive global

Pointing specifically to a
passage in the study noting that the industry’s future competitiveness may be
influenced by factors that create uncertainty for manufacturers, including
“fees/taxes,” Bolen said: “We hope the study serves as a
reminder to Congress and the Administration that government actions can
directly impact the future of this great industry, and that policymakers will
advance proposals that promote business aviation instead of impeding it.”

Bolen concluded “We
thank Chairman Camp, and Representatives Pompeo and Jenkins, for requesting the
study, and we appreciate the work done by the USITC to provide this
authoritative review of business aviation, and its value to citizens, companies
and communities in America
and around the world.”