NBAA welcomes short-term FAA funding extension


The National Business Aviation Association has welcomed Congress’s decision to extend funding of the Federal Aviation Administration for another six months.

But the trade body has said it will continue to work with politicians to ensure the FAA is fully reauthorised.

The last round of funding for the FAA expired on Saturday (30th October) and Congress approved an extension until 31st March 2018. The House and Senate are still debating reauthorisation for the agency, including whether to privatise the US air traffic control system.

NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said: “While the NBAA has always supported passage of a long-term FAA reauthorisation bill, we appreciate that congressional leaders have taken this important step to provide an extension of FAA funding and operating authority, so that the agency can continue to have the resources needed for its critical safety, infrastructure and other programmes.

“We will work with leaders from both chambers to ensure a full FAA reauthorisation bill that enjoys support from both parties and maintains our nation’s leadership in aviation, not just in the short term but five, ten and 25 years from now.”

You can read more about the current row over privatising the US air traffic control system here.

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