NBAA debut for Falko


Falko is attending the NBAA highlighting an additional marketing direction

Falko is using its first NBAA appearance to highlight an additional
marketing direction for its Avro Business Jet (ABJ). The company is in the main
exhibition hall in the Las Vegas
Convention Center.

Chris Sedgwick, technical sales executive for Falko said: “Over the past
two years our extensive ABJ promotion has resulted in growing interest in the
Fly-In; Fly-Out’ (FIFO) mining and exploration transport support sector. This
is a role for which the aircraft with its ‘SUV’ qualities is particularly
well-suited and where we already have a lot of experience. So while we will
continue to offer platforms for conversion to executive layout we now expect to
turn our marketing efforts more towards this FIFO segment.”

He added: “For many years we have been supplying BAe 146/Avro RJ
aircraft to Cobham Aviation Services in Australia
for their FIFO operations principally in Western
Australia to serve the huge exploration industry in
the State. In the past year Cobham has acquired another BAe 146QT freighter to
provide additional capacity on contract services. In addition, Cobham also has
one aircraft equipped with the BAE Systems- designed unpaved runway kit to
offer air transportation for its mining clients to more remote airfields.”

Cobham has developed “turnkey”
transportation systems, including airport management and reservations services,
for major Australian infrastructure projects.

Other operators are using the BAE 146 to support mining around the world, in Bolivia and Mongolia for example. Many of the mines have unpaved and rough runways, so an aircraft that can handle such conditions is vital.

mining and exploration activity moves to ever more remote locations, so the
case for the ABJ becomes more and more compelling”, said Sedgwick. “We have a
number of sales campaigns underway already and will be targeting both the air
transport charter companies that serve these markets and also the
mining/exploration companies themselves.”

international FIFO market presently accounts for some 13 BAe 146/Avro RJs at
present, mostly in airliner configuration. This is in addition to the 25 ABJs in operation worldwide in a variety of guises
ranging from head of state use, to executive charter and company shuttle
operations. Some aircraft are equipped with extremely luxurious interiors,
while others are kitted out in first-class layouts with Club 2 and 4 seating.