NBAA activates HERO database as Dorian approaches the US


The National Business Aviation Administration (NBAA) has activated its Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) database, as hurricane Dorian rapidly approaches US landfall.

The Category 5 storm, the highest category possible, was moving slowly over the Bahamas on Monday September 2. It is the largest storm ever recorded, with the eye of the storm measured as being 20 miles wide.

From the Bahamas it is expected to track up the eastern Florida coastline, possibly making landfall on Tuesday.

Although it is forecast to be downgraded to a Category 4 storm, the hurricane is moving very slowly.

Although the winds in a Category 4 storm are lower than a Category 5 storm, as Dorian is moving so slowly, it brings high winds for a longer period of time.

The hurricane comes as the US celebrates Labour day in honour of the American Labour Movement. As a precaution, many flights in Florida have been cancelled.

The flight-tracking website shows that Fort Lauderdale International Airport is the hardest hit, with 64% of flights cancelled as of 14:00 UTC on Monday, September 2.

With Dorian already wreaking havoc across parts of the Caribbean, the NBAA’s HERO database is now active.

“As Hurricane Dorian impacts the Bahamas, Florida and the Southeastern United States, NBAA’s Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) Database is active, with business aircraft operators ready to assist with flying in supplies and other efforts in the wake of the storm,” said the NBAA.

The HERO database holds details of companies and individuals that have offered their aircraft and services in times of need.

As well as details of aircraft, the HERO database also includes details of individuals who have signed up to offer their help supporting relief efforts.