NasJet adds G450 to charter fleet


Recently, NasJet of Saudi Arabia has added a new Gulfstream G450 to its managed fleet.

                          NasJet Gulfstream

NasJet recently announced the addition of a Gulfstream G450 to its managed fleet. The aircraft will now be based in the UAE, where it will be available for both private charters, while also maintained and at the disposal of its owner. 

NasJet currently manages the largest fleet of Gulfstream aircraft in the Middle East.

NasJet is the largest private jet company in the Middle East and one of the top 20 in the world, announces revenues exceeding 500M SAR for 2012. Despite the continued political instability in the region and high oil prices, NasJet has seen revenue improve by 6% for 2012 with an expected increase of 20% for 2013.