NARA adds four new aircraft brokers


The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) has added four new members to its association of aircraft brokers; Guardian Jet, Hatt and Associates, Jet Quest and Leading Edge Aviation Solutions.

In addition, NARA has added seven new products and services members; Aviation Management Systems, Aviation Tax Consultants, Global Aviation Navigator, Jet Aviation Flight Services, King Aerpspace, UMB Bank and Wings Insurance.

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Andrew Toy, NARA membership chair and president of Axiom Aviation, said: “We continue to raise the bar among brokers and dealers with our exclusive certification process and all our members, including the Products and Services members, must adhere to a code of ethics.”

“It’s exciting to see the growing interest level to become a NARA member. We are ensuring our new members meet the NARA criteria by integrating an enhanced application process that involves significant input from the applicant and plenty of due diligence from our committee members,” added Toy.

Brad Harris, NARA chairman and president of Dallas Jet International, said: “It is an honour to welcome these admired broker/dealers and aviation institutions to the NARA association. Our goal for NARA is to instill the highest degree of confidence to aircraft buyers and operators around the world so our membership consist of the most admired and knowledgeable professionals in their fields. I look forward to working with them to make this association stronger for years to come.”