MySky Quote: ‘Help clients spend more time on crucial business’


“We want to help clients spend more time negotiating their deals and on other crucial parts of their business,” Chris Marich, MySky’s global strategy director and co-founder, told Corporate Jet Investor at the Air Charter Expo 2021 convention this week. To do this, MySky has launched a new predictive tool, MySky Quote, which aims to make quoting more efficient for charter companies.

The main focus of Quote is to optimise the time taken to quote for charter flights and see a higher conversion rate to actual flights. To make things more convenient, MySky Quote is designed to integrated with Flexx, Avinode and Leon, said Marich.

The app had a soft launch earlier this summer, for MySky’s existing clients and it is now open to its European customers. Marich expects an expansion to the US later this year.

CEO and co-founder Kirill Kim said the past year had seen a huge increase in demand for charter. “With some operators receiving over 100 requests per aircraft per day, manually responding to all of them became impossible.

MySky’s Quote will help them gain a higher return on investment (ROI) for each flight, said Kim.

The membership fee is about €100 ($120) per month, with a few cents charged per quote. Marich told CJI it has not been difficult to drum up interest for Quote.

Erica DaVeiga, sales manager, Europe, MySky said: “Automation allows charter teams to concentrate on what they do best: negotiate, amend, and take commercial decisions to get more deals over the line instead of accepting or declining an unreasonable number of trips.”