Multiflight is awarded EASA Part 21J


Multiflight has been awarded an EASA 21J design organistion approval, allowing the aviation company to design and repair a whole range of aircraft and helicopters, including GPS and TCAS upgrades.

Multiflight has
expanded the capabilities of its engineering department by gaining the EASA
Part 21J design organisation approval (EASA 21J.483).

“Multiflight is
delighted to announce it has been awarded Design Organisation Approval from the
European Safety Agency,” said Steve Borrowdale, managing director of Multiflight.

“With this
approval we can continue to build our engineering services providing a one stop
shop for engineering and modification needs. We can provide design changes and
repairs to small and large aeroplanes and rotorcraft, including the
installation of avionics equipment, structure, electrical systems, cabin
interiors and galleys or other interiors equipment,” he said.

continued: “Multiflight has been carrying out repairs and modifications at all
levels for over 10 years using external design houses and the EASA Minor Change
procedure. Recruiting highly experienced
design staff and building on the skills and experience of our existing
engineering department we have now expanded our capabilities to include EASA
Part 21J Design Organisation Approval (EASA 21J.483).

“We are able to
provide services for all types of Transport, Commuter, Normal and Utility
category aircraft certified to CS23 or CS25 or equivalent codes and Small and
Large rotorcraft certified to CS27 and CS29.”

“Capability can
also be provided for FAA registered aircraft via FAA DER system,” Borrowdale

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