Mubadala GE Capital: Middle Eastern Business Jet Financier 2012


Mubadala GE Capital was awarded Middle East & African Business Jet Financier 2012 by Corporate Jet Investor a specialist international website and event organiser. The awards are chosen by a panel of finance specialists at banks and pre-owned aircraft brokerages.

Our guide

Mubadala GE Capital only launched as recently as 2010, but with GE and the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi as its main investors it was hardly a start-up.

Equipment leasing is one of the Abu Dhabi specialist finance company’s core divisions and corporate aircraft finance is an important part of the division. Although much of its focus in on the important business jet markets of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, Mubadala GE Capital Corporate Aircraft Finance is increasingly active in Turkey and Africa.

Although the team is called Corporate Aircraft Finance, it offers financing to any user of business aircraft including high net worth individuals, governments and others. It does not have a maximum deal size but prefers deals larger than $5 million.

Like GE Corporate Aircraft Finance Mubadala offers a range of structures including loans, finance leases, operating leases. It can offer Islamic finance compliant structures but does not have a Shariah Scholar Board.