MSB launches new Zero Gravity lift assist system to support six-place conference table


MSB six-place conference table

Montreal, QC. – 17 May 2021 – MSB Design, a division of MSB Group, the Montreal-headquartered aerospace engineering and design company, is launching a new Zero Gravity side-ledge conference table following nearly three years of extensive research and development work. Consisting of three components, MSB has engineered the Zero Gravity lift assist system to reduce weight, noise, and shock impact during deployment and stowage of the table.

The streamlined system supports configuration of a six-seat dining table which incorporates three distinct components: a table that folds away into the cabin side-ledge, a two-place table which, when lowered, becomes an ottoman, and a conference table which seats four. The two-place table component can be articulated to perform a rotation followed by a conversion motion, using just one easily accessed control button, to close the gap over the main aisle and to connect to the four-seat conference table. The newly designed Zero Gravity lift assist pull-out table is made to feel virtually weightless, and deploys to join the extended two-seat tabletop to complete the dining table.

The three sections can be used independently or aligned to form the single six-place dining table. The table surface can be finished with either a traditional wood veneer or carbon fibre material to complement the black anodised aluminium mechanisms.

The four-seat conference table component builds on MSB’s existing hi-lo conference table, which has been a leading product at MSB for over a decade and forms the pivot point for the six-seat configuration.

“Our team has worked tirelessly for the past three years to find a creative yet highly functional solution for our customer,” says Mario Sevigny, vice-president at MSB Group. “While the design and engineering that went into developing this new table is highly complex, it is exceptionally simple to use. We set out to create a product that would support flight crew in their duties, optimise space in the cabin, and enhance the passenger experience. The new design demonstrates MSB’s ability to develop innovative and complex solutions while redefining the limits of what is possible. This is the first of an exciting new line of products we are launching this year.”

MSB recognised the need for a more flexible table solution in larger cabin aircrafts, and with the Zero-Gravity concept, is delivering a solution supporting a quieter cabin, a comfortable, convenient conference and dining facility for six passengers, and reduced physical workload for flight attendants.