MRO Insider looks to Asia with new team


MRO Insider has introduced a team of 15 technicians and a dedicated group leader (DGL) based in Asia. 

The DGL plays a “pivotal” role for MRO Insider’s network of operators and providers in areas such as receiving parts from the US and time frame management, said the firm.  

Andy Nixon, president of MRO Insider said: “With the Asian business aviation market continuing to grow, our team is excited to announce the AOG and scheduled maintenance support within the region. This market is also dominated by large cabin aircraft, so it’s a win-win for operators flying over to the US and needing support while here.” 

Benefits of the DGL include:

Tech travel coordination: The DGL coordinates the logistics of technical travel for maintenance crews and experts, ensuring arrival at the required destinations. This coordination minimises downtime for private aircraft.

Receiving US parts: Facilitating the import and receipt of US-made parts and components is required for maintaining private aircraft.

Time frame management: Adhering to service time frames is imperative to meet the demands of private aircraft owners. The DGL actively manages and updates service time frames.

Nixon added: “With the fleet size in Asia expected to double in the next decade, a strategic expansion into Asia aligns with these market dynamics, positioning us to cater to the evolving needs in this thriving sector.”