MRO Insider adds maintenance locations and FBOs


MRO Insider has added over 70 maintenance provider locations in the US bringing the total up to 350 between the US, UK, Mexico, and Brazil. Insider has also just added six FBOs to the platform, bringing the total number of FBOs to 14 since going live last autumn.

Andy Nixon, president of MRO Insider said: “FBOs have suffered for years with current fuel programmes that force guaranteed rates, leading to margins being cut. We incorporated this feature allowing the FBO to lower customer acquisition costs by submitting a quote based on real time supply and demand for services while only paying a $25 admin fee.”

FBOs are notified through e-mail and mobile push notification that operators are searching for fuel, hangar space, lavatory service, transportation and more within the app.

“To streamline alternatives for the operator, the app request pings all FBOs on our network within 100nm of the destination,” said Nixon. “This allows FBOs to get in front of and possibly move business to their ramp. It also gives the operator a road map to the best services for that particular trip.”

The FBO responds within the app directly to the operator. Pricing, customer reviews and other pertinent details are included from the FBO. Average response time through the platform is less than 10 minutes.

The 70 new maintenance provider locations are from 14 companies supporting AOG [aircraft on ground], scheduled maintenance and parts across the US.

Nixon said: “This year has shown incredible growth on the service provider side along with requests sent by aircraft operators. Our team has been focusing on increasing the win percentage through the app and we are now reporting a 35% acceptance rate in 2022, even reaching over 50% in March.

“What that tells us is over one-third of requests are selecting a service provider that utilises our platform; a crucial statistic for our growth,” he added.

Service providers are notified through email and mobile push notification that aircraft operators are searching for maintenance through the platform.

“Our operators are receiving three to six competitive quotes for AOG response, [which is] quicker than sitting on hold with a single call centre.” Nixon said.

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