MRO Insider adds 51 more FBOs to platform


MRO Insider has added 51 FBOs to its platforms’ latest price quoting feature, bringing the total number of FBOs to 68 since going live earlier this year. 

Through the MRO Insider platform, aviation services provider, Real Alpha Flight will deliver fuel, handling, permits, and other services to flight departments travelling in the Mexican region.

“Our team in Mexico has done a fantastic job of onboarding participating FBOs in the region,” said Andy Nixon, presiden, MRO Insider. “Business leaders are energised by the fact they no longer have to give a per gallon kickback to contract fuel and other programmes out there, instead they will pay us a flat fee, no matter how many services the customer requests.” 

FBOs are visible on the MRO Insider live map, giving operators visibility to the services available in each region of the world, including the option to send requests directly. FBOs are notified via e-mail and push notifications when operators are searching for necessities like fuel, hangar space, lavatory service and transportation. 

“To streamline alternatives for the operator, the app request pings all FBOs on our network within 100nm of the destination,” Nixon added. “This allows FBOs to get in front of and possibly move the business to their ramp, driving competition between FBO chains with unlimited marketing resources. It also gives the operator a road map to the best services for that particular trip.” 

The average response time through the MRO Insider platform is less than 10 minutes, which may include a quote or a message from the FBO.

No initial fee is charged for the FBO to sign up. The company has a goal of surpassing 100 FBOs in 2022. 

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